Screen Shots

Learn Computer Security  Freeware

Intro Splash Screen

Intro splash screen that appears eash time the program is started.

Program Main Menu

Main Menu of the program allows access to all the different components of the application.

Lesson Menu

Lesson Menu screen allows easy and quick access to all the differents lessons in the course.

Lesson Contents Menu

The Lesson Contents Menu allows you to quickly move between important sections of each lesson.

Lesson Screen

Sample lesson screen with notes, illustration and interactive demo buttons that lauch software demonstration.

Software Demonstration

Software demonstrations can be fully controlled. Users can also move between important sectons of software demonstrations using their built-in menu systems.


Assessment allow learners to gage the extent of their mastery of the course material. Assessment are model on international standards.

Assessment Results

Assessment results are displayed immediately after the completion of each assessment. Learners can repeat assessment as many times as they wish.